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Not Fade Away by John Gribbin

Author: John Gribbin
Book title: Not Fade Away
ISBN10: 184831034X
ISBN13: 978-1848310346
Publisher: Icon Books Ltd; UK ed. edition (October 1, 2009)
Language: English
Pages: 240
Size PDF: 1795 kb
Size FB2: 1270 kb
Size ePUB: 1168 kb
Rating: 4.6 ✯
Votes: 533
Subcategory: Music

Not Fade Away by John Gribbin

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Buddy Holly was killed at 22 when the plane he was travelling in crashed on 3rd February 1959. Better known for his works on popular science, John Gribbin presents this celebration of Holly's all too brief life as an examination of the music and how the records were made. He pores over details of demos, offcuts and recordings, giving us insight into the primitive sutido methods of the time and how various problems could still be overcome by a little ingenuity. -- from TLS 5527
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I have been on EBAY, AMAZON & other sites looking for a hardback version of this gem of a read! Finally, after literally years of searching for one that was priced fairly, it arrived today in excellent shape all the way from England! Well worth the wait! For a total of $7 bucks it was so worth it! I have begun to read it and so far a great read. I am so happy with my purchase!
A nice perspective on Buddy Holly's brief career and its impact on today's music easily read in a hour or so. Would have been interesting if the "Chipmunk version" of Slippin' and Slidin' that the author put together with an electronics buddy were available. The Apartment Tapes have been remastered on Rollercoaster That Makes It Sound So Much Better and make for interesting listening,
This account of Buddy Holly's life is basic enough. I still recommend John Goldrosen's book as THE best on his life EVER!!!!!
this is an informative, though not complete, look at the life of Buddy Holly.
My son loved this book. I have not read it but he is very happy with it. It took a while to arrive though.
This book is short, ho-hum, and inaccurate. Nothing new here. But there are 3 major flaws.

First, Gribbin uses Ellis Amburn's extremely inaccurate book as a source.

Second, the author does heavy duty bashing on Norman Petty and his supposed greed. It has been proven in recent years (by Bill Griggs) that Norman Petty did not keep money from Buddy Holly & the Crickets; the record company, etc., did the shortchanging.

Third, Gribbin makes no mention of having contacted and gotten assistance from Bill Griggs, the eminent and long time Buddy Holly historian, who lives in Lubbock, Texas.

If you are interested in Buddy Holly, etc., I recommend reading THE definitive biography of him, "Remembering Buddy" by John Goldrosen & John Beecher. My favorite book about my favorite person.

Also recommended is "Ritchie Valens the First Latino Rocker" by Beverly Mendheim.

About the Last Tour, I recommend "The Day the Music Died" by Larry Lehmer.

In DVD, get "The Real Buddy Holly Story" put out by Sir Paul McCartney.
It could have been a higher rating if Buddy had only lived longer. He contrubuted to R&R music, and I'll bet there's not a musician playing/singing today who doesn't know his music.....that's pretty good for fifty years or so after his death.
If you don’t know about Buddy Holly and his influence on rock and roll, this is a good start to your education. It’s an overview of his life and music, as the title says. But as a dedicated fan I would have preferred a more in depth look into both.
That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this book. I did. Tragically, Holly lived a very short life, dying in a plane crash at the age of twenty-two. If he were still alive today I’m sure his accomplishments would’ve deserved an epic bio. Unfortunately, it isn’t so.
The author is obviously also a fan and it comes through in his writing. I’m not sure how much actual research was done, rather than piecing together Holly’s short life from previous works. But it doesn’t really matter because as mentioned, this is an overview. Sometimes it seems too “fan-inspired” with the author adding his personal commentary and excitement about Holly’s achievements, but it’s difficult to hide that when writing in a journalistic style about a topic you love.
For anyone just discovering Buddy Holly, you’ll leave understanding why he was one of the most important and again, influential artists of his era and beyond. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and many others stood on the foundation built by Holly’s music. It also brought home the point that everything he accomplished was done by the age of twenty-two. It’s even more amazing when you read that John Lennon was already twenty-four when The Beatles made their U.S. debut on “The Ed Sullivan Show.”
It was a great loss of a great talent and the author does a good job of making that clear. This is a good starting point to learn about Buddy Holly.

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