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Financial Planning For Your First Job: A Comprehensive Financial Planning Guide (4th Edition) by Matthew Brandeburg

Author: Matthew Brandeburg
Book title: Financial Planning For Your First Job: A Comprehensive Financial Planning Guide (4th Edition)
ISBN10: 0615665691
ISBN13: 978-0615665696
Publisher: Coventry House Publishing (August 14, 2012)
Language: English
Pages: 142
Size PDF: 1214 kb
Size FB2: 1455 kb
Size ePUB: 1137 kb
Rating: 4.7 ✯
Votes: 495
Subcategory: Investing

Financial Planning For Your First Job: A Comprehensive Financial Planning Guide (4th Edition) by Matthew Brandeburg

Financial Planning For Your First Job provides the tools you need to manage your money and take charge of your financial life. Inside this book you will be introduced to the practice of personal financial planning and you will learn how to create and monitor a successful financial plan. If you're a young adult who needs the guidance of a financial planner but can't afford the high price tag, this book is for you. Inside this book you will learn to:Set specific and achievable financial goalsApply economic analysis to all financial decisionsAnalyze income and asset protection strategiesIntegrate and monitor your personal financial planTopics covered in detail include:Cash flow managementRetirement planningDebt managementInsuranceInvestingTax planning Some of the strategies revealed inside:How to think like a professional investor
Reviews (7)
This book does a very good job of covering a wide range of topics in a concise, easy to understand format. I first read this book, as the title suggests, after graduating college and beginning my first job but recently went back and reread it many years into my career. I found it useful many years ago to help me get started with my first retirement accounts, to understand insurance, both what I needed and did not need at the time, and to understand my options with buying as compared to leasing a car. After rereading the book, it was nice to use as a check up to make sure I am still on track with my retirement timeline and to re-evaluate my insurance needs now that I am married and a homeowner. I would highly recommend this book as a useful tool for both recent graduates with limited personal financial knowledge and to individuals with more life experiences!
I found this book to be extremely useful! Not only does it cover basic and advanced financial topics, but it does so in a very clear, straightforward way. As someone who wasn't well-versed in financial planning having this guide was a huge boon. This book provided exactly the advice I needed and helped me feel much more confident and in control of my financial decisions, as well as heightening my outlook moving forward. If you’ve never taken a financial course, you need this book, and even if you did this is a very useful guide to keep with you for reference.
Even though the title suggests this book is only for those entering the world of personal savings, I found that even in my 50's there were helpful ideas to apply to my current situation.
Simple, well explained investment strategies make this book a worthwhile reference guide for young investors. Both macro and micro-economic factors are explained in detail so the reader gains a sense of how to assemble a balanced investment portfolio. A good portion of the book focuses on investing, both in bull and bear markets. It has something to offer for everone - from novice investors to more seasoned pros.
Just graduated college with a business degree, thought this book would help me with personal finance since most of my Finance classes helped prepare me for a career in corporate finance and neglected to address personal finance.

The material in the book was VERY basic. Most of the material could easily be found for free by googling the topics. The description will tempt you with many interesting topics and then fail to elaborate in depth on any of the topics.

Do not buy this book unless you are completely clueless on personal finance and need a book to introduce you to the elementary terms and definitions.
This was a great read for someone getting started in the financial planning career. It has good information that will prepare you before your most important decisions. It is a great reference point for anyone interested in such a career and even those who have already began in the industry. Mr. Brandeburg shares his knowledge and experience and explains in a manner that is easy to follow and really motivates the reader. With out a doubt, I'm glad I read this book.
An excellent, concise, well written book filled with financial pearls. The book does a great job of covering basics but also goes into depth explaining advanced topics. Young readers will find the basic advice on the importance of saving and information on student loans helpful for the early stages of their career. Readers already in the work force will find the details regarding the different retirement strategies priceless. A must read for everyone wanting to improve their financial literacy and prepare themselves for retirement!
Financial Planning For Your First Job had information on a wide range of topics and covers all the financial planning basics really well. It's not hard to follow and can be read in a few days. But there's still enough information that you're left with a sense that you are better able to handle your money now, compared to before you read the book. The only negatives I saw was that there is nothing about how to write a will or trust.

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