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The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales by Nicoletta Ceccoli,Malachy Doyle

Author: Nicoletta Ceccoli,Malachy Doyle
Book title: The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales
ISBN10: 1841487988
ISBN13: 978-1841487984
Publisher: Barefoot Books (October 5, 2005)
Language: English
Pages: 160
Size PDF: 1492 kb
Size FB2: 1621 kb
Size ePUB: 1778 kb
Rating: 4.5 ✯
Votes: 818
Subcategory: Fairy Tales Folk Tales & Myths

The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales by Nicoletta Ceccoli,Malachy Doyle

Journey to magical and memorable lands with this long-awaited anthology of classic fairy tales from nine different countries and cultures. Including such favorites as Cinderella and The Sleeping Beauty, as well as lesser-known stories like the Ukrainian tale The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship, this collection is masterfully told by Malachy Doyle and illustrated in Nicoletta Ceccoli s always charming and thoroughly enchanting style.
Reviews (7)
Such a fan of Nicoletta Ceccoli would love to collaborate with her for some cover art I enjoy her artwork and children's books, her Artwork is dark and beautiful.
Little Devil
I bought this book because I love the illustrator Nicoletta Ceccoli. It have beautiful artwork and arrived in perfect condition.
I love every single tale in this book! It's the perfect format for reading to your child before bed time. I also think it makes a great gift and/or keepsake for a child.
Beautiful illustrations ????
Overall, I'm disappointed in this book. While the illustrations are beautiful and colorful and my children (boys aged 6 and 4) enjoy listening to them, I don't like the message that they portray. First of all, every story except for maybe one I think, ends with someone falling in love and getting married based on one look at a person and their physical appearance. Maybe it's just me but that really bothers me. I don't want my kids growing up and thinking what matters is on the outside, and that is exactly what this book teaches. At first glance, sometimes before the girl has even spoken a word the boy falls in love and insists that he must marry her he's so captivated by her beauty. I'd rather spend time/money on something that has more substance and moral meaning.

The only reason I gave 2 stars is because the illustrations are wonderful and the stories, other than what I mentioned above, are fairly accurate.
Great book from a great shop. The book is amazing and new. Thank you very much!!!
With excellent illustrations and a wide variety of stories, including a few interestingly uncommon ones, this is a great collection of fairy tales for kids ages five and up. Four are princess stories that we've all heard, four are popular non-princess tales and the other four are refreshingly new. In The Girl Who Became a Fish, a lazy girl turns into a fish after ignoring her mom's warning not to eat it, then uses her wits to locate and return a crown to the mermaid queen, breaking her own spell and that of the queen, and getting the prince as well. The best of the new stories was The Jeweled Sea, where a young man dreams of a girl, prophesying his marriage to her, and meets her soon thereafter, already promised to another, then journeys to the home of the genies on a mountain above the jeweled sea to find and bring back a jade pestle and mortar for the girl's mother, in exchange for the girl's hand in marriage. The rivers are full of monstrous creatures, but he's given magic seeds by the girl to shrink the rivers and a second set by his mother to return the rivers to their original sizes. He arrives to find that the mortar and pestle are gigantic and heavy, but smartly uses the power of the seeds to shrink them (and some jewels) down to a manageable size. When he returns, the girl is minutes from being married, but he proves the grooms greediness and wins back the bride by offering some enlarged jewels to the man in exchange for the bride. Both The Celestial Sisters and The Magic Ball are also good stories and it's a breath of fresh air to read these new (to me at least) fairy tales. Although the retellings of the stories are very good, the author pulls no punches when it comes to death, just like in the olden days when we were growing up. Some of the stories are probably not appropriate for children under five years of age.
The Barefoot Book of Fairy Tales Retold by Malachy Doyle, Illustrated by Nicoletta Ceccoli This new collection of fairy tales has twelve of the world's favorites, each brightly illustrated with modern artistic style. You'll find some of your childhood favorites as well as some new ones because the book contains tales from around the world. The endnotes tell where each story originated and a little about the country. This is an educational slant to the telling of tales, many of which teach a moral lesson. You'll enjoy reading this with your children.

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