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No Condemnation: Rethinking Guilt Motivation in Counseling, Preaching, and Parenting by S. Bruce Narramore

Author: S. Bruce Narramore
Book title: No Condemnation: Rethinking Guilt Motivation in Counseling, Preaching, and Parenting
ISBN10: 1579108741
ISBN13: 978-1579108748
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Pub (January 25, 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 334
Size PDF: 1632 kb
Size FB2: 1863 kb
Size ePUB: 1185 kb
Rating: 4.3 ✯
Votes: 517
Subcategory: Christian Living

No Condemnation: Rethinking Guilt Motivation in Counseling, Preaching, and Parenting by S. Bruce Narramore

Part 1: The Repression of Guilt Part 2: Perspectives on Guilt and Conscience Part 3: Christian Motivation of Neurotic Masochism Part 4: Christ and Conscience
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In short, i attended and graduated from Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola University with a PhD in Clinical Psychology.
What this means...
1) I know the author,
2) he was my professor over a series of core and elective courses in theology, clinical psychology, and integration of the two, thereof.
3) he supervised my clinical care of patients for two years, and
4) I admire his clinical skills and stand in awe of his supervision and ability to teach those skills
When i first read this book, Narramore assigned it in a theology class he taught. It was not the main text of the course; i dutifly read the chapters, outlined them, and earned high marks on my papers and exams. The author was my professor; a professor i wanted to impress. I treated it as a TEXTbook; I wanted to glean the pertinent information so I could "engage in memorable dialogue in class" to impress the author or my peers; or earn high marks on my exams and impress the my peers and internship sites. Thus, I Intellectually understood his premise, theologically I agreed with his exegesis, psychologically I resonated with his conclusions and recommendations. Thus, while intellectually stimulating and theologically challenged the "status quo" it was experentially neutral on my day-to-day life.

It wasn't until i was in my practice and seeing patients did i experience the full impact of this book. For what ever reason, many of the patients who ended up in my consulting room struggled with guilt and feeling guilty. They appeared to lack an ability to forgive themselves and often struggled to forgive others. Further exploration almost always revealed a belief that God despite fervent claims backed with scriptural support to the contrary, was going to punish them. For all their intellectual understanding of "salvation" and "grace" they were anxious, and fearful God would punish them for their guilt if they were not good enough. I began to recall Narramores' lectures and his book (which was out of print in 1993). I was excited to find it on Amazon and have either recommended or given between 6 to 10 copies to patients, students, and others who wrestle with such a conundrum. While the book alone is seldom enough to "turn on a light switch" it provides a foundation to question assumptions and a point of discussion in session.
Bruce Narramore hits the issue of guilt in preaching and counseling right on the head! He reviews all the current and past theories and practices of counseling and evaluates their treatment - or non-treatment - of guilt from a biblical perspective. His view of guilt in ministry really made me review how I had been raised and realize how I had let guilt cripple me over the years. This is not to say that there is not sin, but that once it is forgiven and one stands within the circle of God's grace, it is more appropriate to have godly sorrow and to forsake your mistakes. It is shown how we use our self-atoning guilt actions to try to add to the work of Christ and thus make our situation no better than before.

Read the book - it will change your life!
Concepts and ideas easy to understand and relate to. Helps readers not only reconsider their relationships with others, but relationship with self and spirituality as well.
This is the most complete biblical and psychological treatment of guilt and shame that I have ever read. It is a must-read for Christian counselors.
I'm a counseling student in my last year of graduate school and read this book out of recommendation from my supervisor. This is now one of my top favorites. Reading this has truly given me a deeper understanding and freedom! Narramore is very comprehensive in this book, biblical, and scholarly. I think everyone in ministry and counseling would benefit from reading this book.
Came as described..

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