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Java Illuminated: Brief Edition: An Active Learning Approach by Julie Anderson

Author: Julie Anderson
Book title: Java Illuminated: Brief Edition: An Active Learning Approach
ISBN10: 1449632025
ISBN13: 978-1449632021
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning; 3 edition (January 18, 2011)
Language: English
Pages: 734
Size PDF: 1905 kb
Size FB2: 1134 kb
Size ePUB: 1988 kb
Rating: 4.1 ✯
Votes: 668
Subcategory: Programming Languages

Java Illuminated: Brief Edition: An Active Learning Approach by Julie Anderson

Continuing in the tradition of the popular second edition, Java Illuminated: An Active Learning Approach, Brief Third Edition, offers students a hands-on introduction to programming using the most current version of Java (Java 7). This brief version is suitable for a one-term introductory course in Java programming and presents topics in a logical order while progressively and interactively moving through key topics. The active learning approach involves students in hands-on, real life programming activities and engaging examples, exercises, and projects. Object-Oriented programming concepts are developed progressively and reinforced through numerous Programming Activities, allowing students to fully understand and implement both basic and sophisticated techniques. In response to students growing interest in animation and visualization, the authors include techniques for producing graphical output and animations beginning in Chapter 4 with applets and continuing throughout the text. Your students will find it exciting to delve into the world of programming with hands-on, real-world applications!
Reviews (7)
I transferred schools between Java I and Java II classes. Of course different school, different text, now I'm not complaining, but it does give me an opportunity to compare the two textbooks.

My previous school used the "Starting Out with Java" by Tony Gaddis. This book, while informative and chocked full of Java programming goodness, it is difficult to read and is reminiscent of computer programming texts written in the 1970's and 1980’s by computer programmers for computer programmers. Java Illuminated uses a different approach. The authors simplify things into small digestible chunks that are easy to take in and understand the first time you read it.

The best way to learn to program is to write programs! While both books provide example code, the Gaddis' text is sometimes confusing because it leaves out some code or over complicates the code. Java Illuminated also provides a plethora of examples and programming exercises that are designed to reinforce the subject at hand. But the author's use of the example code is to the point and very easy to understand and they never skip steps or omit code.

I did not find the book to be overly priced. Many students, myself included, have found on numerous occasions that the required textbook for a class exceeds $480! Yes, for one book and with no used copies available. So, a text costing $100 to $150 for a new book is really not that bad. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for, and support the College Open Textbook Community.

My only complaint is that there is no electronic version of the book. I'm of the mindset that all textbooks should be available in print and multiple electronic formats (Kindle, PDF, iPad, etc...).

If you are a professor or teacher looking for a new Java programming text, this should be it!
I really like how this book is written. It comes with lots of online resources for you to use and improve your coding skills. It also comes with all the examples from the book on a separate folder so you can see them and play with them.
It is very clear to understand and follow through. It covers a lot of key topics that will help beginners (like me) develop coding skills.
This book was offered in my introduction to computer science class. It taught me all the basics really well. There are many exercises to test your programming skills.
A new copy of this is cheaper than both a new and a used copy of it in my university's book store. I bought a new one because my major includes Java, so having a reference is nice. As for it's contents I haven't gone too deep in it but so far I think it's descriptive and the CD that comes with it can help you set up if you don't know what sort of tools to use to start writing code. The key it has has some problems for you to do on a website that can be good for both self-service and classroom-setting homework. I would've preferred a hard cover version but this'll do.
Used as class text book for advanced Java programing course. Lots of examples. Good for future use, This is not a doorstop.
I really liked this book. I rented it for my very first computer science course. I found the book very clear, easy to understand and good for a newbie (I knew nothing about coding before this book.) In fact, I liked it so much I decided to bought one (it was expensive when I needed it so I rented, but when the semester was over I found a used one for just a few dollars on Amazon.)
I'm a huge skeptic of textbooks because so many of them are useless. However, after just taking my first java class I could not complain about this book. It shows how to do things very simply. No overcomplication and always with a clear example to explain topics. Even after the class is over I still use this as a reference when I'm programming.
The book itself is organized well and easy to read, which was handy since the teach for the class wasn’t good at actually teaching. Item arrived late and as described.

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