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Gardening Southern Style by Felder Rushing

Author: Felder Rushing
Book title: Gardening Southern Style
ISBN10: 0878053905
ISBN13: 978-0878053902
Publisher: University Press of Mississippi; First Edition edition (March 1, 1987)
Language: English
Pages: 260
Size PDF: 1861 kb
Size FB2: 1182 kb
Size ePUB: 1641 kb
Rating: 4.8 ✯
Votes: 169
Subcategory: Gardening & Landscape Design

Gardening Southern Style by Felder Rushing

In Gardening Southern Style, Rushing's down-home manner and his practical philosophy that urges a harmony with nature and the value of local resources for solutions have made him a household name in his region. Whether it's trouble with "southern blight," noxious weeds, nematodes, or aphids, or sage advice about what, how, and when to plant--when question arise about problems or maladies in the garden, many immediately say, "I'll ask Felder!"

Having lived in Texas, Virginia, and Mississippi, Rushing is a horticulturist whose knowledge is linked to the Magnolia Zone, a region shaped, he says, somewhat like a sweet potato, with Austin on the western border and Shreveport, Jackson, Montgomery, and Richmond on the east. Gardens just a few miles north of the Gulf Coast, from Houston to Pensacola, fall within this zone.

Rushing focuses each chapter on one aspect of gardening south of the Mason-Dixon Line: Planning the Successful Landscape, Choosing and Caring for Trees and Shrubs, The Well-Kept Lawn, Fruit in the Landscape, Vegetables Year Round, Annuals, and Perennials Indoors and Out, and Southern Gardening Month by Month.

Reviews (5)
greed style
Bought this as a replacement for lost one. I find many useful tips in this book and refer to it quite often, even though I am a southerner
and experienced in gardening , this book keeps it simple and if followed your results will be rewarding.
Felder Rushing's books are always entertaining. This is not my favorite, but I did very much enjoy reading it. Quite a bit of good information for making gardens in the South work for you.
This is the best gardening book I've found with practical advice for gardening in the hot, often drought stricken South. His advice is right on, practical, and delivered in an often humous style. It is evident that Mr. Rushing has both first-hand experience as well as textbook knowledge. I can already tell this is going to be one of the most treasured books in my library.
Gives a month by month guide of when to plant different plants, things to see, and other things to do around the yard.
I feel as if I know this guy. I use the book year round. I may not remember where I left my digging fork but I know where I left Felder's book. When I kill another plant, Felder tell's me where I went wrong. When I get a complement on a plant, I give him credit. The book tells you what to plant, when to plant it, where to plant it, and when to gather the seeds or divide the plant. Whenever I dig a new hole or pinch off an early bud I have already consulted this book to be sure the time is right. The monthly almanac pages are almost worn out. I do not turn the page on my monthly calendar before I consult the almanac to be sure the yard is ready for the next month. Felder is not just the holder of horticulture degrees, he is a dirt worker with lots of experience.

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