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Fearless (Angel) by Doranna Durgin

Author: Doranna Durgin
Book title: Fearless (Angel)
ISBN10: 0743468228
ISBN13: 978-0743468220
Publisher: Pocket Books; Frist Edition edition (October 6, 2003)
Language: English
Pages: 320
Size PDF: 1228 kb
Size FB2: 1963 kb
Size ePUB: 1646 kb
Rating: 4.7 ✯
Votes: 713
Subcategory: Genre Fiction

Fearless (Angel) by Doranna Durgin

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Robbed of his supernatural healing properties, will Angel still be hero enough to save his friends? The staff at Angel Investigation are well-versed in the nuances of demon-fighting. So they're surprised to find themselves euphorically giddy after a long night of...what? Their clothes are bloody and torn and their bodies are battered, but their memories of how they got that way are the evening's most notable casualties. Research determines that they've been doused with a kind of demon pixie dust, known as Fearless, that has helped them heal. Angel, however, is having the opposite post-battle experience. After years of superhuman healing, he's suddenly recovering from a fight with all the resilience -- or lack thereof -- of an average human being. Shaken and reluctant to confide in his friends, Angel is reduced to secret-keeping and collaboration with newfound demon cohorts. If his friends go in search of their next dose of Fearless, will Angel be strong enough to protect them?
Reviews (6)
The moment I saw that Doranna Durgin is the author I absolutely flipped and couldn't receive it fast enough. She blew me away with her beautiful and perfect portrayals in at least two 'Ghost Whisperer' series novels.

Unfortunately, this fell far below the standards of her 'Ghost Whisperer' work. I was quite let down.

While the points explored, of the importance of maintaining the trust factor between Angel and the rest of the gang and Angel when subdued into a vulnerable state is concerned about being unable to protect Connor were valid and strong, there was some redundant dialogue, an incompleteness to a side story and mild characterization and canon flaws.

The keeper's role consisted of the exact same dialogue down to the wording, same went for the Angel narrative regarding Connor which is sloppy and irritating.

What I had the most trouble with was the effect the venom had. It's supposed to have crippled Angel with the healing pace of a human but the way that is portrayed here is not really a contrast from the TV show (note the way Cordelia was seen patching him up on several occasions and how he is quite able to feel physical pain in the show) nor is the opposite effect it has on the rest of the gang equivalent to what is normal for Angel.
There is also the notion that the gang had been taking Angel's lack of vulnerability for granted that to me had no basis.

The secondary demon of focus had so little development that it's final act before being slain was all that made sense of it, it lacked proper closure and an assumption made by Cordelia regarding the slaying unsettled me because there was no evidence to support it.

Fred was inaccurately portrayed for the time period. We're in mid-season 3 here which is clarified by the presence of an infant Connor which also means it's post-'Fredless' when she officially clicked in as part of the team. So we shouldn't have been seeing her so awkward and not quite in place here.
There was a similar flaw with Gunn in the beginning when he was shown to not have a complete trust of Angel. There might have always been a wariness in him given his nature and history but the way it was done here was misleading to me as a reader. It had given me the wrong impression of the time period. Until Connor was first mentioned I'd thought it was set in early to mid season 2 when he was the team's newest member.

By far the best element of the story was Angel's reactions to his physical interactions with Cordelia though these moments were so few. Yeah, I'm a Cordelia/Angel shipper so that was pleasing for me.

Overall an interesting but not really a satisfying read.
Doranna Durgin starts out Fearless with an unusual premise. A strange thing happens at the gangs most recent demon-killing party. The humans suddenly experience superhuman healing abilities - and superhuman silliness as well. On the other hand, Angel loses his vampirish capacity for recovery. With Cordelia, Fred, Wesley, and Gunn rendered stupid, Angel must do the majority of the fighting getting badly injured in the process. Worse, the ugly badness that messed with their heads gets away.
When the team returns to the hotel one thing becomes quickly apparent - everyone is so used to not having to worry about Angel that they literally ignore his needs. In fact, they resent giving him attention so much that their response becomes one of intense selfishness and suspicion. Angel is not the least bit comforted when a Yoda-like demon named Kluubp shows up and explains that the Giflatl feeds only on demons. The toxin that weakens vampires stupefies and intoxicates humans so that they will wander off and forget the whole thing. Including its magic healing abilities.
It is the latter which creates the real problem. Giflatl toxin may not hurt humans directly, but it becomes a magnet for greed and social unrest. So while Angel struggles to get rid of the Giflatl without any publicity, the gang gets furious with him for keeping secrets. Making the whole thing a lose/lose proposition. Angel's confrontation with his own fragility leaves him questioning his ability to care for Connor. And when Gunn and Wesley go on a compulsive magic serum hunt Angel finds his friends are not quite as perfect as he thought.
Durgin succeeds in making this story more than just a 'stop-demon-save-world' construct. Instead, the plot becomes the basis of some surprising character development. We, like the rest of Angel Investigations, tend to take Angel for granted, and the story mirrors the effect of making one team member into a crutch. I very much liked the introspective change of pace which balances very well with the underlying plot that drives the action. If you are looking for an interesting viewpoint on the latter-day Angel, check this out.
A excellently written story that hits all the right notes. One highlight that I loved about this book was that, unlike other books, it didn't spend pages and pages on fancy fighting scenes. Its very straightforward and has a great underlying message and is conclusion is great too. Well written with good characterization and the lovable Yoda-like demon character is a highlight.
The basic plot is like that of Mortal Fear but pulls it off way better. The gang are infected with demon powder than renders them able to heal rapidly, unafraid of ever getting hurt in their battles. However, the effect is reverse on Angel who suffers the slow healing of a normal human. The gang are unconcerned with Angel's wounds and take off to get more of this fearless powder. However, Angel and a Yoda-like creature must work together to stop this from happening as this powder, in the human world could be catastrophic.
This book has a much better plot than that of Mortal Fear and it actually makes more sense and better characterization. Overall very pleasing!
in this book the gang go up against the usual, a demon. but this one has different powers than they're used to. angel comes back from the fight completly torn apart while the others go back healed, happy and care free!!!!

the group is now split, leaving angel all by himself, well except for everyones fav. lorne who becomes a mediator. the split deepens when angel starts helping a yoda like creature to kill the beast.

overall i like this book the author doranna durgin seems like she really knows her stuff about the show, but i have to admit that it bugged me a bit the way she made gunn and welsley out to be less good and more suspicous. also i felt that sometimes not much really happened in some chapters but this was still a good angel book i recommend this to any angel fan

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