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The Healing (Bluestreak) by Gayl Jones

Author: Gayl Jones
Book title: The Healing (Bluestreak)
ISBN10: 0807063258
ISBN13: 978-0807063255
Publisher: Beacon Press (January 1, 1999)
Language: English
Pages: 304
Size PDF: 1683 kb
Size FB2: 1304 kb
Size ePUB: 1577 kb
Rating: 4.5 ✯
Votes: 650
Subcategory: United States

The Healing (Bluestreak) by Gayl Jones

Gayl Jones's special gift is to shape experience and make it seem unshaped. -John Alfred Avant, The New RepublicGayl Jones's first novel, Corregidora, won her recognition as a writer whose work was gripping, subtle, and sure. It was praised, along with her second novel, Eva's Man, by writers and critics from all over the nation: John Updike, Maya Angelou, John Edgar Wideman, and James Baldwin, to name a few. The publication of The Healing, her first novel in over twenty years, is a literary event.Harlan Jane Eagleton is a faith healer, traveling by bus to small towns, converting skeptics, restoring minds and bodies. But before that she was a minor rock star's manager, and before that a beautician. She's had a fling with her rock star's ex-husband and an Afro-German horse dealer; along the way she's somehow lost her own husband, a medical anthropologist now traveling with a medicine woman in Africa. Harlan tells her story from the end backwards, drawing us constantly deeper into her world and the mystery at the heart of her tale-the story of her first healing.The Healing is a lyrical and at times humorous exploration of the struggle to let go of pain, anger, and even love. Slipping seamlessly back through Harlan's memories in a language rich with the textured cadences of the black Southerner, Gayl Jones weaves her story to its dramatic-and unexpected-beginning.
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I don't like to write reviews simply upon receiving ordered iterms...so I have to spend some time with them prior to reviewing. I'm a nut about relaxing/meditative-type music. I have recently retired but had an extremely stressful job prior to retiring...thus the reason. This "Healing" disk by Anugama is phenomenal. Just absolutely phenomenal. Everything about the music...the sounds...invite you to relax. In fact, the other day, I sat down to read with this disk playing and fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon. I woke up astonished. I don't nap. Never. Period. Ever. What lovely, soul-healing sounds.
Having meditated to this cd and to other works from Anugama, my wife and I figured we should try it to calm down our newborn when we were feeling frazzled and hoping to start to get him into more of a regular sleep regimen. It worked like a miracle. He would go to sleep to it - and stay sleeping to it (on repeat loop) - for his naps during the day. Almost a year later and he is a champion sleeper. 12 hours every night and two hour and a half naps each day. Not only that, (and not saying it is because of this music!) but his demeanor is filled with joy and humor. We now buy this cd for friends having babies. Many thanks and many blessings to Anugama.
I just sprained my ankle yesterday and decided to do some reiki and matrix on it. This CD just came in the mail so I tried it out. I put on track 2 and I was gooooooooooooooooone! I was very deep into a hypnotic state. Would have loved to hear the little birds more but then they would have been to forward and possibly distracting for a healing session. Track 2 had a synthesizer low earthy drone with singing bowls and deep flute over it. And the little birds in the back ground.
Money well spent. This will be a favorite I'm sure.
Three tracks which fill the hour, expand the mind, create inner vision, give power and peace all in the same comprehensive movement. And here's how it worked: I played this a lot while gutting my flood damaged basement, and rather than be upset about the lack of insurance coverage while I slogged through black mold, drywall dust, and bags of ruined carpet, the music gave a perspective that beauty prevails.
I found I just didn't care for the first piece (25 min.) I actually found it irritating when I wanted to use the CD for when I can't get to sleep.
As a professional musician, I get easily distracted by rapid chord changes and instruments with jarring timbres. This collection is incredibly soothing yet not boring (in my opinion). It's in major keys and moves slowly through its changes - it is the ONLY music my brain can truly relax to. I love this CD so much I've bought one for my aunt, my mother in law, and a friend.
This is one of the best CDs I have. The way I can tell is it's been in my car since I bought it, just looping over and over and over ... Eventually I'll bring it in for some Reiki sessions.
Takes me to a very peaceful place. I love this cd.

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