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God Knows by Joseph Heller

Author: Joseph Heller
Book title: God Knows
ISBN10: 0552125075
ISBN13: 978-0552125079
Publisher: Black Swan; First Edition edition (1985)
Language: English
Size PDF: 1961 kb
Size FB2: 1231 kb
Size ePUB: 1113 kb
Rating: 4.5 ✯
Votes: 988
Subcategory: Contemporary

God Knows by Joseph Heller

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God Knows by Joseph Heller
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Reviews (7)
I can see why this book isn't for everyone. It's unique. The story of the old testament, told by King David while on his deathbed. Except he doesn't see it the same as the writers of the Old Testament did. Solomon was actually incredibly stupid, Moses was a terrible leader, and David didn't really like that arrogant jerk God.

It *does* feel like the ramblings of a dying man. Its repetitive, and there are certain thoughts he obsesses over again and again. So I can understand how some reviewers found it boring. Except, Heller's wit and beautiful writing shines through for me. It isn't as laugh-out-loud funny as Catch-22, but its so touching and humorous in its own understated way. You see David as human, not just a historical figure. He loves his children. He admires his King, Saul, and is devastated by Saul's attitude towards him. He desperately loves two of his wives, in very different ways. His relationship with God is tenuous, and I thought it was the most moving in the book.

I felt like I can only give it 4 stars because some parts did seem slow and hard to get through. But even weeks after reading it, I still can't stop thinking about it. I'd highly recommend it, as a moving book about a man reflecting back over his life and the relationships in it.
I loved Catch 22 and Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man. I know that Heller has a tendency to ramble, but he's usually funny and develops fascinating characters.

To some degree, he does that in God Knows. However, the book eventually bored me/wore me out. I liked the approach, but this book is just too long. I'm not against long books, but Heller stretches this story about 30% longer than it needs to be.

About 2/3 of the way in, I completely lost interest. There wasn't anything really happening that was new and I couldn't think of a reason to continue. Heller could have had a very readable, minor masterpiece if he had found a way to condense this to 200 pages. At 350, it's a tome.
Hysterical commentary on biblical account of King David. Heller's command of biblical commentary, midrash and legend is exhaustive. The problem with the book is that those who know such sources are unlikely to read this book because it is too vulgar. Those who do not know the sources are unlike to read or enjoy the book because they miss all of Heller's "zingers.

The book was highly recommended to be me a distinguished Jewish biblical scholar,and I have purchased copies for several friends and just did so again.
Mysterious Wrench
Not what I thought I would be getting. Does not hold my attention and have not finished the book yet. It certainly helps to know your bible history.
Excellent book - love the writing style. Humorous, sarcastic, well-written. I read Catch-22 and it wasn't anything like this. I'm loving it!
Almost as good as Catch 22! Just dont think your getting a biblical commentary, more like your getting "the rest of the story"
elegant stranger
it,s y favorite book of all time, it literally talks about everything in life, is a comedy, a tragedy, a love story, a philosophical book, and so musch more
Loved this book.It is a laugh out loud treat

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