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Death, Guns, and Sticky Buns (Tori Miracle Mysteries, No. 3) by Valerie S. Malmont

Author: Valerie S. Malmont
Book title: Death, Guns, and Sticky Buns (Tori Miracle Mysteries, No. 3)
ISBN10: 0440235987
ISBN13: 978-0440235989
Publisher: Dell; 1st Printing edition (March 7, 2000)
Language: English
Size PDF: 1459 kb
Size FB2: 1236 kb
Size ePUB: 1887 kb
Rating: 4.2 ✯
Votes: 700
Subcategory: Mystery

Death, Guns, and Sticky Buns (Tori Miracle Mysteries, No. 3) by Valerie S. Malmont

When a quaint Pennsylvania town hosts a Civil War reenactment, only the blood will be real....How does a once-hip New Yorker get used to living in a quaint Pennsylvania town famous for its gooey, oversized sticky buns? For Tori Miracle, it means kissing her diet good-bye, always showing up in the wrong clothes, and struggling with a love life. And now that she's filling in for the editor of the Lickin Creek Chronicle and has the town newspaper to look after as well as her own dear fastidious felines, sometimes it means cosponsoring public events like a Civil War reenactment for the local women's college.But when this charmingly authentic reenactment is done, and each man and woman has played his or her part to the hilt, it's clear that Tori has miscalculated again. Someone used one live bullet in an antique gun. And with a man dead, it's going to be up to the only city slicker in Lickin Creek to unravel a mystery of murder in a town where calories don't count, but murder does....
Reviews (7)
Loved it, as a Civil War historian who grew up in the locale of the book. My only quibble is the overuse of quaint colloquial phrases, placed in the mouths of characters who in my experience would not use "you'uns" in addressing a person in the 1990's. TV has driven that out of younger & middle-aged locals. Perhaps an older person from well out in the hills might still use it when talking to several people instead of saying "you all". But Malmont does this too many times. Otherwise, I loved the local color, the comments about the Gettysburg re-enactors (my friends). I did expect more involvement of the heroine's cats, since the book is claimed to be in the genre of Lillian Jackson Braun (The Cat Who......). But these are quibbles. I can't wait to pass this book on to my daughter the cat lover, and then to my Gettysburg Battlefield Books cat-loving friend. I know they'll really enjoy "Death, Guns, and Sticky Buns!"
This is a long winded book, but the characters go well together. The police chief leaves for a while and while the chief is away: first an ex-senator dies in a college reenactment, then there are many robberies of valuable antiques around town and finally a teacher at the school is school. The police officer who takes over the chief's job is not smart enough to figure out the crimes, so Tori decides she has to do it. The mysteries are well written and characters go well together.
I stumbled on DEATH, GUNS, and STICKY BUNS by Valerie S. Malmont by accident, and picked it up for light summer reading. Fans of the "Cat Who..." series, "Murder, She Wrote" or even Hamish McBeth could get into this series featuring erstwhile writer, Tori Miracle. Malmont writes with a plucky honesty, as her heroine struggles with small town politics, an AWOL boyfriend, and her weight in a region that loves comfort food--including sticky buns. Tori is never dressed correctly, almost destroys her friend's newspaper, and accidently blunders into mayhem and murder on a regular basis. Malmont balances humor and drama, and keeps the story moving. When a blowhard politico is murdered during a Civil War re-enactment, a series of odd and memorable characters become suspects for Tori and the reader to unravel. DEATH, GUNS, and STICKY BUNS is a highly entertaining mystery--so much so, I have bought the rest of the series for myself, and this title for my best friend as well!
Sophomoric. Terribly pedestrian story telling. Several mentions of past mishaps and curious accidents that were never explained. Perhaps mercifully, since the current incidents were neither plausible nor exciting. If the author was attempting to provide an atmospheric account of life in a small town, all that was accomplished was a plethora of unbelievable names of not only places but also characters. Even the sticky buns were completely unappealing!
I really enjoyed reading this mystery book. Even though this is the first book, I have read in this series, I will definitely be buying the rest of this author's books. I really enjoyed the main characters in this book. The characters were very entertaining and relatable. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading mysteries.
Don't get the Kindle version of this book - the typos will spoil your enjoyment of the book. I've read many books on my Kindle with a few errors that didn't get in the way of the story, but this author needs to hire someone to proof read her electronic version and fix the errors. Think I'll take myself down to my local used book store to find the rest of her books. I think she's a good author, and worth another try. Just not on my Kindle.
Lots if plot twists to keep the reader guessing. Being from south/central PA, I felt right at home as the characters traveled about in that area. Plus - Who doesn't like sticky buns?????
Well written mystery story with lots of humor. I enjoyed the plot, and would recommend this book.

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