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Meat for Men by Leonard Ravenhill

Author: Leonard Ravenhill
Book title: Meat for Men
ISBN10: 1931393206
ISBN13: 978-1931393201
Publisher: Christian Life Books (March 5, 2008)
Language: English
Pages: 135
Size PDF: 1952 kb
Size FB2: 1603 kb
Size ePUB: 1500 kb
Rating: 4.1 ✯
Votes: 313

Meat for Men by Leonard Ravenhill

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Meat for Men by Leonard Ravenhill
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This book of revival sermons is Ravenhill's sequel to the classic book, Why Revival Tarries. The book has been out of print for decades and is available only through Christian Life Books Ravenhill series. Pulpit Magazine said, Every page is stimulating. Christianity Today said the book was a hard-hitting attack upon sin, carnality, and easy undisciplined Christian living.
Reviews (7)
The book is good but it also a little bit of a let down as well. Considering this was only work that I didn't own I found themes covered better in his other works. As good as it was I also wish he would have expounded more. Perhaps my expectations were a little to high but a lesser work.
This is a book every believer should read. Very inspiring. If read with an open heart and honest desire it will deliver you the normal Christian life. Far from being overrated as some would suggest it should be a 10 star if that were an available option. Read it dear Christian, I dare you!
I like Leonard Ravenhill's writing. He is not afraid to tell the full story. However, this book is being touted as a sequel to "Why Revival Tarries". This book was good, but didn't quite make the same impact on me that "Why Revival Tarries" did. It had good content, and was encouraging, but I doubt if I would read it again.
A fantastic book from a great Teacher of the Word!! I highly recommend it for all lovers of Jesus and what He taught and believed in!! Doesn't get better than this!!
Meat for Men is Leonard Ravenhill's follow-up to his best selling classic, Why Revival Tarries. Originally published in 1961, this edition was re-released in paperback by Christian Life Publishers in 2008. Like all of Ravenhill's books, Meat for Men is a challenging collection of sermons and essays on Christian holiness, revivalism and soul-winning. This book is not for the faint-of-heart or the casual Christian. Ravenhill is unafraid to threaten the carnal carnival religious atmosphere of the modern church that dares to pass itself off as anointed Christianity. He pulls no punches and never apologizes for his blunt attacks on materialism, Romanism, Communism and modernism, and their compromising ecumenical allies in the Body of Christ. This is one reason why he entitled this collection Meat for Men. Real men of God should be able to handle this strong meat of the Word and use it to take stock of their own condition. Not to say that women can't read this book. But as the Bible declares, iron sharpens iron (and reading this book sure beats banging a drum at a PromiseKeepers Rally). Ravenhill's attacks on Communism may seem dated but keep in mind how socialism/liberalism have joined forces with modernistic Protestantism to supplant conservative evangelicalism in the US and the UK. It's tragic and proves that the leftist threat is still a threat, even if it has a kinder, more church-friendly face. And if you replace Cold War era Soviet Communism with Post-9-11 Islamo-fascism it all looks more relevant than ever before. My only complaint is that, at 135 pages, this book is entirely too short. So read it twice. The 21st Century church needs more convicting ministries like Ravenhill's. Highly Recommended.
I am well pleased, think's for a great book, and great service. Tom W
Great book! Highly recommend!
Awesome read- so good to go back to the old apostolic doctrine. Not the crazy stuff we have today- today's doctrines are actual doctrines of devils

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