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The President's Daughter by Barbara Chase-Riboud

Author: Barbara Chase-Riboud
Book title: The President's Daughter
ISBN10: 0517172704
ISBN13: 978-0517172704
Publisher: Random House Value Publishing (October 21, 1996)
Language: English
Size PDF: 1678 kb
Size FB2: 1167 kb
Size ePUB: 1163 kb
Rating: 4.1 ✯
Votes: 198

The President's Daughter by Barbara Chase-Riboud

Reviews (7)
I love a good mystery. this was a real good one. I had less tnan 76 pages left when I figured outt who did the deed. the writer had
a lot of interesting facts about different. things that kept you intersted. she led you down the primrose path just to end it in a blackberry patch. she directed you then redirected and then did it again. great read. ps facts and location directions matched very well. I was raised in easter virginia,maryland area. m
lucky kitten
I thought this was a very good book. It caught my attention from the start and never let go. The plot was complex, but believable, the characters well developed and like able. I cared what happened to them. Perhaps a little too much romance for my taste, but plenty of suspense and an unexpected finish. One glaring loose end, but over all I really liked it.
Yellow Judge
What an excellent book! It is a page turner. Has everything...a good plot, lots of action, intrigue and, of course, Sean Dillon. He is smart, fearless and a charmer. Good reading.
Sean Dillion is the best Secret Agent Great Britain has ever had! He has saved more more people, foiled more nefarious plots that 007 and Dillon's are all believable!
This was a good story and kept my interest. Primarily because I like political thrillers, which this was not. It was simplistic in places and some plot "holes," that slowed the reading because they should have been filled before the book was printed.

Some of the ancillary characters, like those who were close to the president, by behaving the way they were written make me almost leave the book. It was as if the writer was thinking in places, "Oh, they won't notice this..." Oh yeah!

The instant "romance" with the two major characters was unbelievable and missed the mark for what could have been some interesting tension. Because they were both likable throughout, it was enough to want to see what happened to them.

I had a lot of other minor quibbles, enough so that I'm unlikely to try another one from this author, except to read and excerpt, maybe.
Read in an afternoon . Never a dull moment , as you would expect with Sean Dillon along. Just the right combination of mystery and intrigue.
A very compelling story although a little bit PG-13. Had to remind myself many times that it was historical fiction because I got so drawn into it.
Good story, good characters, makes yo u want to read more about these characters. Root for Sean and the boys

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