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Timaeus (Dodo Press) by Plato,Benjamin Jowett

Author: Plato,Benjamin Jowett
Book title: Timaeus (Dodo Press)
ISBN10: 1406558702
ISBN13: 978-1406558708
Publisher: Dodo Press (August 31, 2007)
Language: English
Pages: 156
Size PDF: 1681 kb
Size FB2: 1278 kb
Size ePUB: 1315 kb
Rating: 4.9 ✯
Votes: 379
Subcategory: Humanities

Timaeus (Dodo Press) by Plato,Benjamin Jowett

Plato (428/427 BC-348/347 BC), whose original name was Aristocles, was an ancient Greek philosopher, the second of the great trio of ancient Greeks - succeeding Socrates and preceding Aristotle - who between them laid the philosophical foundations of Western culture. Plato was also a mathematician, writer of philosophical dialogues, and founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the western world. Plato is widely believed to have been a student of Socrates and to have been deeply influenced by his teacher's unjust death. Plato's brilliance as a writer and thinker can be witnessed by reading his Socratic dialogues. Some of the dialogues, letters, and other works that are ascribed to him are considered spurious. Plato is thought to have lectured at the Academy, although the pedagogical function of his dialogues, if any, is not known with certainty. They have historically been used to teach philosophy, logic, rhetoric, mathematics, and other subjects about which he wrote.
Reviews (7)
Amazon seems to have linked together all the comments on the Timaeus (no matter the translator). It is very possible that you are reading this under a different translation, not the Jowett translation as the commenter suggests. In any case, I recommend the Donald Zeyl translation. It DOES have Stephanus numbering -- very appropriate for class discussions and scholarly work. In my opinion, it is the best English translation available -- and I've spent years working through the text in Greek. Another translation that is nice to have around for alternative readings of key passages (all translation involves interpretation) is Peter Kalkavage's.
This book is for a philosophy course. It should be read and re read! Book came in excellent condition and a readable font.
The Kindle edition contains just the text of the dialogue: no notes, no commentary, no introduction.

Even at 99 cents, it seems overpriced.
Very interesting, but definitely should be read in conjunction with a commentary.
lucky kitten
Wonderful dialogue, two of my favorites- leading into the Apology, Euthyphro & Meno. Definitely key to read before the Apology in order to fully understand. Delivered straight to my iphone, Mac & ipad.
Awesome dialogue, arguably the best translation. Would recommend!
Great book, I enjoy it big time????

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