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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language by David Crystal

Author: David Crystal
Book title: The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language
ISBN10: 0521516986
ISBN13: 978-0521516983
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 3 edition (July 12, 2010)
Language: English
Pages: 524
Size PDF: 1739 kb
Size FB2: 1984 kb
Size ePUB: 1226 kb
Rating: 4.9 ✯
Votes: 787
Subcategory: Words Language & Grammar

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language by David Crystal

This new, thoroughly revised edition of the acclaimed Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language incorporates the major developments in language study which have taken place since the mid 1990s. Two main new areas have been added: the rise of electronic communication in all its current forms from email to texting, and the crisis affecting the world's languages, of which half are thought to be so seriously endangered that they will die out this century. • All language statistics have been updated, and additional information provided about their linguistic affiliation • All topics involving technology have been revised to take account of recent developments, notably in phonetics, language disability, and computing • Maps have been revised to include new countries or country names • Special attention has been paid to fast-moving areas such as language teaching and learning • The text design has been completely updated with many new illustrations throughout
Reviews (7)
Road.to sliver
Good overview on Language and its history. Divides the book up by different topics on language, such as speech acts, sign language etc.. Since it does talk about many aspects of language and many topics, each topic is briefly talked about, so this is good as a base, but if you are looking for really in-depth detail on a specific topic then it might not be as useful, however, he does talk about the founders for each type of topic, which is useful for researchers who are new to a topic.
I had the 2nd edition of this book for a very long time (almost 15 years) and am glad I updated to the newer 3rd edition. This edition has welcome updates to make it feel more modern and current, particularly when dealing with things like computers/technology and language. This really is an encyclopedia, with coverage on just about any topic of language you can think of. It doesn't delve very deep in some of the entries, but it is a very good starting point and easily accessible. This book is often the first stop I make to get information before venturing on to more detailed or focused books on a particular language topic. In short, if I was stranded on an island and could only have one book on language, this would probably be it! Highly recommended.
I picked up a first edition of this book in a used book store some years ago, and found it useful even before I took a course in linguistics in graduate school. When I started my course, I bought the new edition of the book to use as a secondary reading for my course.

I have found this book extremely helpful: it broadly comprehensive, sufficiently technically detailed to help get reader a grip on any particular sub-area of linguistics, yet quite readable. The illustrations, charts, and maps make it inviting to open up and start reading.

I used this book to supplement the required readings in my course (and often used this as a gateway to the more difficult readings). I would enthusiastically recommend it to any person interested in language, whether as a formal student or simply an interested reader.
More than 20 years ago I bought the first edition of this book. The third edition has really undergone a great evolution since then. New chapters have been added to expand general linguistic approaches, studies and researches.
Language, as everyone knows, is always changing as it represents human life style on the "go".This book is epitomized by the human life style. Particularly the chapter on the Internet language is very interesting. If you are interested in language and liguistics. the book is "must-read".
This is a big book, over 500 pages. A great primer for all things linguistics and a very good introduction to the discipline. If you are planning on studying English or linguistics, read this first! The book covers language and identity, the structure of language (grammar, semantics, pragmatics, phonetics, phonology), child language acquisition, and much more. Highly recommended! It's also written in an easily accessible style, without much prior academic knowledge required.
This is my favorite book I own! I even bought one for my boyfriend for his birthday. It encompasses so much! The perfect resource to have or present to give to any language fans out there!
Everyone interested in language should own this book. It is wide-ranging, accurate, lucid, engagingly written, well illustrated, and reasonably priced. I will be giving a short Elderhostel-type lecture course on language this fall (I am a retired linguist) and wanted to have the current edition of this book as a backup in case one of the participants asks me a question I can't answer off the top of my head.
I needed this for a required book for school. It arrived quickly and as promised.

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